Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cricket in Olympics

Olympic Logo
There has been only one appearance of cricket in Olympics and this feat has occurred in 1900 Paris Olympics. The only Gold medal winner for cricket was the English against the French .I think they had an epic match.

The main reason for not including cricket in Olympics is that the time for a single match to end is nearly 10 hours. But cricket has become a shorter game because of the introduction of the T20 format. It is now just a matter of three hours and if the Olympic village has two cricket grounds, then it is possible to award the medals within 7-10 days with all the 12 teams participating.

This could be a better chance of development of the game in many parts of the world where the roots hasn't reached . 

The sad thing is that the Olympic committee has just said they would consider the induction of cricket game only in the 2022 Olympics. Why so long? My God!! This time Olympics is going to be held in the birth place of cricket but without it. :(

All said, this is just a feeble consideration for ICC . If they can give a window of 1 month for the CLT20 every year, why can't they give a window for the Olympics every four years.? 

Lets hope our voices make the game we Indians love to make it in Olympics as soon as possible !!

and we hope the men in BLUE come home with the Olympic medals around their necks.

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