Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Getglue.com - a review

Getglue.com - Check into entertainment

What it is?

getglue.com is an online entertainment site that lets you check into various entertainment activites. The activities include watching a TV show (currently less no. of Indian shows), watching a movie, reading a book or even thinking on a topic. The idea of 'checking in' was more like a waste of time, but getglue.com managed to turn it as fun filled as possible. You can have your facebook and twitter friends followed and you could follow them too.

What's so fun in it?

There are actually 3 elements of fun I would like discuss. They are Stickers, Stream and Recommendations.


The awesome feature that made getglue.com stand out from other movie-tainment sites is the Stickers(May be that's why they call getglue or getglued!!). Stickers are unlocked by the user when he/she checks into a special or sponsored entry. Stickers are sometimes seasonal and can be unlocked only when you check in at that particular time.
Sticker I got when i checked in to 'The Artist'

The more cooler thing is that you get physical copies of the stickers you unlocked mailed to your address when you have unlocked 20 stickers.


The stream is the home tab of the website and here you can see all activities done by your friends and users are following. In the stream, we can comment and vote on others' comments. The layout is so simple and depict a conversational view which is very welcome.


Although other websites provide their users with recommendations, getglue.com provide the recommendations classified like Recommendations for you, Recommended new releases, Recommended new DVD releases. And to be frank, the algorithm is working pretty good and the recommendations are way closer than others.


The pages on every title on getglue.com has a pretty good structure. The page has the statistics, the official trailer, social links, even reviews from rottentomatoes.com and IMDb link, a cool like and favourite button. One thing to be noted here is that it even adds an 'UNLIKE' or 'NOT FOR ME' button which is very brave and newest feature.
User home page of getglue.com

How to getglued?

It is very simple, just like creating an email account. The process is even simplified by getglue.com by providing the Log in with Facebook and Log in with Twitter accounts feature. Once your are registered, you can check in to any title available.
Getglue.com has great connectivity solutions that it has provided apps for iPhone and Android users. It has also got a mobile version of the desktop site, which means you can never miss a chance to check in to your favourite titles.


Website - www.getglue.com
iPhone app link
Android app link